Shelf Company, also known as a ready-made company, shelf company, Elderly Foundation a dormant company, the company is active. Ready sell provided firm in the field of software, technology, media, real estate, NBFC, education and others.
We have many companies in different parts of India Ready and capital several arrests related to the various exercise. In all cases, deligence rapid reaction due to us.

Shelf Company is the fastest way to get the business up and running.
We can establish new managers quickly, allowing you to open a bank account and permanent account number and start trading immediately.

Old shelf companies already done, sometimes called old shelf or old shell companies, are inert inactive companies incorporated / registered in previous years, but they were not as active as ever. These companies never traded or done any business transaction - but were registered earlier are still latent, inactive companies. These shelf companies completely clean - and that means free of defects, liens, judgments or other liability, etc. Our shelf companies are guaranteed to be clear of any business debts or liabilities.

Company would like to be in place, and I hope to start working immediately without waiting for a transitional period.
Ready or Shelf Company Shelf Company, also called old company, is one of the most widespread commercial options for the business.
In the present circumstances, the registration of a company in India takes minimum 20 days time.

1.       Can we change the name of readymade company?
Ans.  Yes we can change the name of readymade company
2.       How much time does it take to change the name of readymade company?
Ans.  It normally takes around 15-20 working days to change the name of company.
3.       What are the benefits of Readymade company?
Ans.  Provide link of benefits of readymade company
4.       Are these company risk free?
Ans.  Yes. These companies are 100% risk free, as no transaction has been executed
 on the behalf of these companies.
5.       How much time does it take to buy/transfer/get ownership of Readymade
Ans.  It usually takes only 1 working day to transfer a readymade company.
In urgent cases, if the client has DIN(director identification number) and DSC(Digital
Signature Certificate), in that case company can be transferred in just 2 hours.
6.       Does Readymade company comes with bank Account? 
Ans.  Yes. It can be arranged.

7.       Documents required for readymade company in India?
Ans.  Readymade company requires following documents:-
        a).  DIN(Directors Identification Number)
        b).  DSC(Digital Signature certificate)
       Both of these Documents can be made within 3-4 hours.
8.       How many Directors need to be appointed for formation of Ready company?
Ans. Readymade Company requires minimum 2 directors.

9.       Minimum Capital required for Readymade company?
Ans. Minimum capital required for readymade company is Rs. 1,00,000.

Is Buying a Shelf Company or Readymade Company a smart business move?

The fastest way to get your company
The fastest way to start a business
The fastest way to reach an agreement as rent, wages and any other agreement
The company is ready for use with bank accounts and tax registrations
To have the opportunity to bid for contracts.
To create the appearance of corporate longevity, which may boost the confidence of consumers and investors?
Access to venture capital.
To facilitate access to credit for businesses.

Procedure to Purchase Old Shelf - Previously Registered Companies

·         Obtain Director Identification Number of New Directors
·          Access to the digital signature of a new director
·          The signing of the share transfer agreement
·          intimate RBI for approval / information in accordance with the relevant
·          Obtain approval of the Director
·         Filling the Required MCA Forms
·         Filling the Required MCA Form
·          the drafting of legal documents required for change in bank account

We hand over the following documents for Company Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation of origin
Certified 10 Copies of MOA and AOA
original PAN card
Seal Company
The digital signature of a director with the validity of two years
Din of Both Directors

Share Transfer Agreement